Southern New England Media Makers Very First Meeting

10 01 2010

January 10, 2010
We had a great first showing of people that were excited to be there and to meet locals as one guest said!

As people arrived we had a projector running showing all the tweets with the #snemm hash tag on a big screen.

Jim Jones from and Bruce Garber from presented the welcome and set the agenda for the meeting.

Bruce then did a video roll call were attendees introduced themselves by name and url.

We went around the room where everyone had an opportunity to tell us about themselves, highlight tools and equipment being used to be seen and ask questions of the group to help them meet this years goals. No sales pitches.

There were many media professionals in the room as well as foodies talking about how social media help grow their business. You can see the photographs here. To learn more about the guests in the room follow us them on Twitter.

Thank you to all that helped make our first meeting a success. This is your meeting. We want to hear from you. Jim and Bruce both like people and are just doing what they can to connect people with media making interests.

For our next meeting, we are investigating a different venue that has the following attributes.
If you have ideas on location please contact Bruce or Jim.
1.) A back meeting room away from the main eating area so that we won’t interfere with other patrons and we can conduct a meeting with video, photos and other media tools.
2.) A free Parking area.
3.) Complementary coffee would be nice.
4.) Available on the second Sunday mornings between 10:00 and Noon every month.




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