16 Reasons

Here are just a few reasons why you may want to come to a Southern New England Media Makers Meeting.

Reason 16:
We have lots of gifts and prizes..ok we don’t..but we have lots of fun #snemm.

Reason 15:
Knowledge is Power! Learn from some of the most knowledgeable in the field of media #snemm.

Reason 14:
Not only do you learn about media at #snemm but you can also learn about food. #foodies

Reason 13:
We get to prove the power of social media by tweeting about #snemm and inviting a boat load of people. Hint hint

Reason 12:
SEO isn’t the only way to drive people to your website. Making personal connections at #snemm is just as effective.

Reason 11:
Conversation that is not only engaging and interesting, but practical for your business use as well. #snemm

Reason 10:
Social media is the way the world is right now, and you can either lead the way, or fall behind. #snemm

Reason 9:
Gets you off the computer and facilitates meeting your online friends in person! Face to face! #snemm

Reason 8:
Share your knowledge with others who know EXACTLY what you are talking about. #snemm

Reason 7:
Share business strategies, social media tools and tips, best practices, and ask questions. #snemm

Reason 6:
We are social media weathermen who forecast the winds of change in the media industry. #snemm

Reason 5:
It has all the makings of a #jollytweetup reunion minus the yankee swap #snemm

Reason 4:
Because in the new economy, not all networking takes place on a golf course. #snemm

Reason 3:
Because we MIGHT just earn a nice new shiny Foursquare badge if we check in together #snemm

Reason 2:
Morins is the place to be!! @JeffCutler in the house!! #snemm

Reason 1:
Nowhere else will you find a Lumberjack, a Fenway Fable, and Dr. Jones in the same place. #snemm



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