On the first Sunday of every month, at 10am at Doyles in Jamaica Plain, you’ll find a back room full of some of the most interesting people in the commonwealth.

Boston Media Makers is a place to come and share 3mins of yourself to a group of 20-40 or more people, then after, take the time to walk over and shake the hands of people you want to get to know better. In the age of Twitter/Facebook and other social media, this is a great solution to the isolation I sometimes feel after hours at work, then again at home starring at the computer screen. (By the way, I call that feeling getting “edit-faced”.)

Steve Garfield, Social Media Guru and all around nice guy, started Boston Media Makers after spending time at conferences, hearing a particular person speak and wanting to get to that person and meet them. Having to wade through 500 people or more to get to that person, could be a pain, but the 499 that you pass could also be really interesting people! Why not try to create a forum, where you know who’s in the room, and have the time to network with them.

(Steve explains it better, so you’ll have to come to a meeting to get it from the horses mouth!)

It’s great! Now, I have another meeting to go to: Southern New England Media Makers!

Jim Jones and Bruce Garber, inspired by the Boston Meeting, started a group that meets in Providence RI. Here’s some footage I took of the first meeting.

Video by:  Alecia Jean Orsini Lebeda on Vimeo.

Southern New England Media Makers
Very first meeting January 10, 2010.
Here is our roll call.
Follow us on Twitter.


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10 01 2010

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